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Bringing Epigenetics to Life

Our partner EpiCypher offers cutting-edge tools and services for epigenetics and chromatin biology research. EpiCypher is dedicated to developing transformative epigenetic solutions that advance the science of epigenetic regulation and improve human health.

Most recently, EpiCypher has been at the leading edge of chromatin profiling technology with highly sensitive CUTANA™ epigenomic mapping assays for ChIC, CUT&RUN, and CUT&Tag. The Company also manufactures and sells the largest collection of defined “designer” nucleosomes (dNucs) on the market and offers a range of high-throughput nucleosome-based assays and services for chromatin research and drug development.

Their SNAP-ChIP, is the gold standard for antibody validation for chromatin IP, and also serves as the most reproducible spike-in for normalizing ChIP and ChIP-seq assays.

CUTANA ChIC / CUT&RUN and CUT&Tag Assays combine antibody-targeted controlled cleavage with massively parallel DNA sequencing to identify the binding sites of DNA-associated proteins with high resolution, at a fraction of the time and cost of standard ChIP-seq experiments. 

EpiCypher also develops assays for chromatin-modifying enzymes and PTM-binding proteins using a variety of readouts, such as Alpha, FRET and radioactivity, employing nucleosome or peptide-based substrates.

Products / Services / Applications

    1. Recombinant Nucleosomes
    1. CUTANA CUT&RUN Assays
    2. CUTANA CUT&Tag Assays
    1. SNAP-ChIP Certified Histone Modification Antibodies
    1. Recombinant Histones