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Plant, Fungi, Soil and Water DNA & RNA Purification Kits

Norgen‘s unique suite of kits is designed for the rapid and convenient spin column-based isolation and purification of DNA, RNA or microRNA from plants and fungi as well as environmental samples including soil and water.

  • Rapid and simple phenol-free procedure
  • Excellent quality and yield
  • Broad spectrum of sample types


Plant/Fungi DNA Purification Kits

Isolate high yields of DNA of excellent quality from a broad spectrum of plant species and filamentous fungi. The kits can isolate total DNA, including microbial or fragmented DNA without using any phenol.

Plant/Fungi Total RNA Purification Kits

Isolate total RNA without any bias towards size or GC content from even the most challenging plant samples. The kits include a highly robust lysis buffer tested on a variety of difficult-to-lyse plant species, including peach, grape, vines, rice, sugar cane and more. Polyphenols, polysaccharides, proteins and other downstream inhibitors are removed. 

TaqMan Assays for the detection of plant pathogens are also offered.

Soil DNA Isolation Kits

Isolate high-quality total DNA from a variety of microorganisms and soil types. The kits include OSR solution to remove organic substances that can inhibit downstream applications. 

Soil Total RNA Purification Kit

Isolate total RNA from a variety of soil samples including common soil, compost and manure without using any phenol/chloroform. All traces of humic acid and other PCR inhibitors are effectively removed. The kit includes bead tubes as well as humic acid removal columns (HAR).

Water RNA/DNA Purification Kits

Isolate total DNA and RNA from all microorganisms found in water. Both RNA and DNA are purified simultaneously using the same column and are of high quality and integrity for all downstream applications. The kits include bead tubes.

TaqMan Assays for the detection of water-borne pathogens are also offered.

More Tools for Sample Preparation

The sample preparation kits offered by BioCat provide a fast, reliable and simple procedure for sample collection and preservation as well as for the subsequent purification of inhibitor-free RNA (including microRNA), DNA or proteins from various specimen types, including mammalian cells and (FFPE) tissues, blood, plasma/serum, saliva/swab, urine, stool, plants, fungi and soil. Multi-analyte kits allow for the sequential isolation of RNA, DNA and proteins from the same sample using a single column with no sample splitting.

A large  variety of kits is especially designed for the purification of RNA and DNA, including cell-free circulating nucleic acids, from liquid biopsy samples including urine, plasma, serum and blood. Optimized preservation reagents grant the longest stability of DNA and RNA in e.g. urine, saliva and stool samples at ambient temperature.