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RNA Interference

Innovative RNAi Tools

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RNA interference (RNAi) is a successful gene silencing process that targets specific messenger RNAs (mRNAs) and knocks down protein expression.

RNAi provides an approach to directly knock down the level of a gene transcript. This technology, in contrast to CRISPR sgRNA which knocks out a gene target at the genomic level, does not alter the genomic DNA. Also, shRNA knockdown typically occurs more rapidly than CRISPR knockout and is reversible - when the shRNA is removed, expression levels of the target gene return to normal. Finally, RNAi knockdown makes use of an endogenous pathway in mammalian systems, so only expression of the shRNA is required, unlike with CRISPR where co-expression of the Cas9 nuclease is necessary for the system to work.

BioCat supplies comprehensive and innovative RNAi tools such as shRNA (small hairpin RNA), siRNA (small interfering RNA), and miRNA (microRNA). Utilizing  superior RNAi technology can aid you in the exploration and modulation of gene expression.



Lentiviral shRNA Libraries & Constructs

shRNA Target Gene Sets


siRNA 27mer Oligo Duplexes

siRNA Cloning and Expression Vectors


shRNA, miRNA and siRNA Delivery

Lentiviral Packaging Systems are provided for the generation of pseudoviral particles with high titers for effective gene silencing even in primary and non-dividing cells.
siRNA Transfection Reagents especially developed for efficient delivery of siRNA even into hard-to-transfect adherent cells like adipocytes are offered.

RNAi Rescue

Clones from the comprehensive Full-Length cDNA Collections can be used to rescue a loss-of-function phenotype by expressing an orthologous gene from a related species.

Custom shRNA and siRNA Cloning Services

Facilitate your RNAi applications using custom constructs or libraries tailored for your needs and generated by experts.