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Spatial Transcriptomics

Get access to reliable digital spatial profiling data and mapped whole transcriptomes within tissue context

The relationship between cells and their relative locations within tissue is critical to understanding normal development and disease pathology. Spatial transcriptomics is a groundbreaking molecular profiling method that allows scientists to measure all the gene activity in a tissue sample and map where the activity is occurring.

Paraffin Tissue Sections from 10x Visium-Characterized Tissues

No experimental setup, no delays, and no hassle!

  • Fast track your research with ready-to-use tissues that have completed the entire 10x Visium workflow
  • Get access to reliable digital spatial profiling data and mapped whole transcriptomes for the tissue of your interest
  • Combine whole transcriptome analysis with immunofluorescence protein detection to gain multiomic characterization in the spatial context
  • Unravel biological architecture in normal and diseased tissue and discover new biomarkers
  • Visualize the spatial organization of newly discovered cell types, states, and biomarkers

Paraffin Tissue Sections from 10x Visium-Characterized Tissues developed by our partner BioChain are standard sections with the asset that the tissue used for their generation has been 10x Visium analyzed.
Prior to manufacturing, the whole transcriptome of the corresponding tissue has been mapped in the context of the tissue microenvironment using the 10x Visium Digital Spatial Gene Expression Workflow, see below. The 10x Visium data will be reviewed with one of our specialists upon purchase.


10xvisium Characterized Tissues


10x Visium Spatial Gene Expression Workflow  

10x Visium Spatial Gene Expression is a next generation molecular profiling solution for classifying tissue based on total mRNA. Mapping gene expression by spatially resolving the whole transcriptome allows you to determine the function of distinct cell populations, explore how proximity affects biological response, identify new biomarkers, and profile distinct biological compartments.  

10xvisium Howitworks      

Spatial capture technology. mRNA molecules get a spatial barcode by the use of spatially barcoded mRNA – binding oligonucleotides.


Digital Spatial Profiling Services

Together with our partners BioChain and Cellecta, BioCat offers Spatial Profiling Services on the NanoString GeoMx or the 10x Visium Spatial Platform.

Please contact us to discuss your project and to receive a quote.