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Custom Cloning Services

Custom Cloning

Let the experts do the work and get the constructs you need the easier way 

Custom cDNA Cloning

BioCat cooperates with partners who are well experienced with cDNA cloning and custom constructs. We are able to offer cloning services for a large selection of gene delivery platforms.

Custom sgRNA Cloning

Knockout, knockdown, or activation of your target gene with CRISPR, CRISPRi, or CRISPRa sgRNA lentiviral constructs. Use flexible design services for sgRNA targeting your desired genes, isoforms, or regulatory elements.

Custom sgRNA Library Cloning

Custom-designed CRISPR sgRNA Pooled Libraries targeting virtually any set of genes and incorporating guide sequences and vector features for a range of screening applications.

Custom shRNA Cloning

Within the shRNA Cloning Service a proprietary shRNA design delivers approximately 70% shRNAs that generate >70% transcript knockdown in standard cell lines as measured by qRT-PCR. Typically 3-5 constructs are designed and cloned that target your transcript.

Custom shRNA Library Cloning

Pooled lentiviral-based libraries containing heterogeneous mixtures of shRNA allow you to assay the effects of many thousands of pooled constructs in one experiment. Taking advantage of array-based oligonucleotide synthesis, precisely defined large custom pooled libraries expressing many thousands of shRNAs canbe readily made.

Custom siRNA Cloning

The siRNA Cloning Service delivers over 70% gene knockdown efficiency in appropriate target cells, with over 70% transfection efficiency for any human, mouse, or rat gene.