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Gene Synthesis
Custom & High-Throughput DNA Synthesis

Gene Synthesis covering any Length or Complexity

BioCat offers gene synthesis services supplied by General Biosystems, pioneers of high-throughput on-chip gene synthesis. With a top-level expert team, most advanced equipment, sophisticated gene design and optimization software, General Biosystems can synthesize genes of any length and complexity to suit your needs. Send us your synthesis request

  • Genes up to 15,000 bp in length
  • 100% sequence accuracy guarantee
  • Free codon optimization
  • Free cloning into many standard vectors
  • Short turnaround time
  • Plasmid purification service
  • Cost-saving mutagenesis service
  • Gene fragment synthesis service

Plasmid Purification Service

To help you achieve highly efficient cell transfection for DNA vaccine development, antibody production and other preclinical research projects, plasmid DNA preparation services with different purity grades are offered:

  • Research-grade
  • Transfection-grade
  • Preclinical-grade

Mutagenesis Service

Do you need mutational variants of your synthetic DNA? We charge only 85 € for each mutation* of your basic sequence (up to 3kb). Large series of mutated constructs are no longer time consuming projects.

*A mutation is defined as any combination of base changes within a 30 base frame.

Gene Fragment Synthesis Service

Gene Fragments are double-stranded, linear DNA molecules which can be used independently or be easily assembled and cloned into the vector of your choice using a variety of cloning methods, including Gibson Assembly.
They are manufactured applying the same high-fidelity synthesis chemistry used for all our gene synthesis services and are characterized by a faster delivery time, more economical pricing and greater flexibility.

Read more about General Biosystem's on-chip gene synthesis technology:

Nature Biotechnology 29, 449-452 (2011)

Parallel on-chip gene synthesis and application to optimization of protein expression. Jiayuan Quan, Ishtiaq Saaem, Nicholas Tang, Siying Ma, Nicolas Negre, Hui Gong, Kevin P White & Jingdong Tian.

Gene Synthesis Request

Your sequence data will be transmitted securely using high-level SSL encryption. Upon receipt we will closely inspect your project and send you a detailed quote.

Please note: We guarantee not to release or use customer's sequence data or other related information in any form. All primers, plasmids and strains will be destroyed one month after the products have been delivered. We offer free, secure storage service of your custom plasmids for longer than one month on request.

Peptide Synthesis NEW!

We also offer Peptide Synthesis Services in a variety of quantities and purities with a success rate well above the industry standard.

Description Cat# Size    Price*  
Custom Gene Synthesis (Sequence < 500 bp), delivered as plasmid DNA in standard vector GS0500-GBS 4 ug 95 €
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Custom Gene Synthesis (Sequence 500 - 3000 bp), delivered as plasmid DNA in standard vector GS3000-GBS 4 ug 0,19 €/bp
0,17 €/bp (≥10 genes)
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Custom Gene Synthesis (Sequence 3000 - 5000 bp), delivered as plasmid DNA in standard vector GS5000-GBS 4 ug 0,25 €/bp
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Custom Gene Synthesis (Sequence >5000 bp), delivered as plasmid DNA in standard vector GSXL00-GBS 4 ug please inquire
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Cloning of Custom Gene in vector provided by customer GSCLON-GBS 4 ug 150 €
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*The final price of a synthesis may vary depending on the complexity of the synthesis. For detailed pricing just send us a quote request.