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NEW! microRNA Quantification

RealSeq small RNA NGS Library Kits for the accurate quantification of microRNA and other small RNAs by NGS using a novel single adapter and circularization.

miR-ID qRT-PCR Assays for the sensitive and specific microRNA quantification allowing single-nucleotide discrimination at any position.

microRNA Purification

Ready-to-use Total RNA Preparations containing small RNAs from a large variety of common and hard-to-obtain tissues are offered.

The Total RNA Purification Kit isolates high-quality total RNA including small RNA species without the use of phenol.

Exosome Precipitation

ExoQuick Exosome Precipitation Solution is optimized for the efficient enrichment of circulating exosomal microRNAs.

microRNA Detection

The QuantiMir Small RNA Quantitation System produces high yields of qPCR-ready cDNA from microRNA.

Genome-wide human, mouse or rat microRNA qRT-PCR Arrays are designed for quantifying the expression of microRNAs by qRT-PCR in 384-well format.

Exosomal microRNAs from serum can be amplified using the SeraMir Exosome RNA Amplification Kit and then profiled by qPCR, microarrays or NextGen Sequencing.

microRNA Expression

Lentiviral microRNA Precursor Vectors express human microRNA precursors within their native sequence context ensuring correct processing into mature microRNAs.

microRNA Knockdown

Lentiviral miRZip anti-sense microRNA Constructs express shRNAs that efficiently suppress their endogenous microRNA targets.

Overview of Tools for microRNA Analysis

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