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Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Cloning & Packaging Services

Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Production Services

The easy way to high quality ready-to-transduce AAV particles

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) products are the ideal tools for expressing or modifying genes in a broad range of cell and tissue types, especially in vivo, with high efficiency and enhanced safety. 

Advantages of the AAV System

  • Used as a promising candidate for gene therapy
  • Does not elicit significant immune responses in vivo
  • Broad tropism - tissue specificity with different AAV serotypes
  • No integration into the host genome
  • Ability to transduce both proliferating and quiescent cells
  • Long-term expression in non-dividing cells

BioCat cooperates with partners who have many years of experience with AAV production. Using their services can greatly enhance your research results. A complete service including design, cloning and viral packaging of your custom AAV construct can be ordered as well as only cloning or packaging steps. The service is available for a range of AAV serotypes (1-11, DJ, DJ8).

AAV Production

Generation of rAAV vectors requires 4 key components. Plasmids acting in-trans and the transgene acting in-cis. This modern AAV production system allows viral packaging without potentially pathogenic helper adenovirus. 

  1. a plasmid containing the AAV Rep and Cap genes required for capsid formation and replication, 
  2. a plasmid containing the necessary adenovirus helper genes, 
  3. a cassette containing the transgene enclosed by two inverted terminal repeats (ITR), and 
  4. a viral packaging cell line. 

Raav Production Protocol Abm


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