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30% OFF* RayBio Quantibody Multiplex ELISA Arrays

Quantitative, Sandwich-based, Glass Slide Antibody Arrays

  • High specificity and reproducibility
  • Similar detection sensitivity as ELISA
  • Cytokine standards included
  • Less than 50 µl sample required
  • Up to 40 cytokines per array and 16 arrays per slide
  • High-throughput compatible
  • Free analysis tool available

*Expires 31 December 2020

Norgen Cell-free Circulating DNA and RNA Purification Kits 15% OFF

Expires 31 October 2020

Isolate inhibitor-free cfc DNA or cfc RNA of all sizes.

Selected Human, Mouse and Rat shRNA Target Gene Sets 30% OFF

Expires 31 December 2020

Benefit from OriGene’s proven 29-mer short hairpin design and use HuSH-29 Hairpin Expression Constructs to obtain superior knockdown efficiency and lowest interferon response.

OriGene Human, Mouse & Rat siRNA 27mer Oligo Duplexes Special Price!

Expires 31 December 2020

Take advantage of the natural processing by Dicer to obtain siRNAs with 10-fold higher potency and specificity compared to shorter 21mer RNAi forms.

TargetMol Compound Libraries 25% OFF

Expires 31 December 2020

Accelerate drug discovery and new indication research using focused bioactive compound libraries developed by TargetMol for high-throughput screening.

BioCat Universal Agarose 30% OFF

Expires 31 December 2020

Rely on the highly pure molecular biology grade BioCat Universal Agarose for analysis of nucleic acids by gel electrophoresis and blotting.


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30% OFF BioCat Universal Agarose

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Peptide Microarrays

Peptide Microarray

Peptide microarrays in any quantity and with any content you need with the new PEPperPRINT technology.

DNA Methylation Kits

Benefit from outstanding cytosine conversion rates and fast protocols using DNA Bisulfite Modification Kits

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