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High-Quality Products for Sanger Sequencing

AdvancedSeq SupreDye Cycle Sequencing Kits, PwrPOP Polymers, Capillary Regeneration Kits & More

BioCat Special
  • High-performance and cost-effective Sanger sequencing
  • Complete Sanger sequencing workflow covered
  • Continued reagent supply for ABI 3130 Genetic Analyzers

*Expires 31 March 2023

OriGene cDNA and ORF Clones 30% OFF

Expires 31 March 2023

Select your expression-ready cDNA clone from our comprehensive human and mouse cDNA & ORF clone collections with genome-wide coverage.

BioCat Universal Agarose 30% OFF

Expires 31 March 2023

Rely on the highly pure molecular biology grade BioCat Universal Agarose for analysis of nucleic acids by gel electrophoresis and blotting.


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