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BioCat Autumn Special Autumn Special*
  • Blood & Urine Collection and Preservation
  • Circulating cell-free DNA Isolation
  • Circulating cell-free RNA Isolation
  • Exosome Isolation
  • Exosomal DNA and RNA Isolation
  • NGS DNA Library Preparation

*Expires 31 December 2017

MGC premier cDNA Clones 15% OFF

Expires 31 December 2017

Human ORFeome Libraries for Overexpression Screening Special Prices!

Expires 31 December 2017

Human ORFeome Collaboration Collection, Human ORFeome V8.1 Collection, and CCSB Human Lentiviral ORF Collection, all available at drastically reduced pricing.

NGS Library Prep Kit for the Pacific Biosciences Platform Introductory Price

Expires 31 December 2017

NGS Library Preparation for average read lengths up to 20 kb

Biotinylated Proteins 10% OFF

Expires 31 December 2017

Highest bioactivity and detection sensitivity ensure successful assay development in your lab.

Compound Libraries for Cell Induction, Signaling Pathway Studies and HTS 15% OFF

Expires 31 December 2017

45 Bioactive Screening Libraries consisting of several thousand small molecules with validated biological and pharmacological activities.

Vmax Enriched Growth Media - Vibrio natriegens Growth Media SPECIAL PRICE

Expires 31 December 2017

Optimized Growth Media for Vibrio natriegens, the bacterial turbo host for protein expression

ExoQuick-TC PLUS 10% OFF

Expires 31 December 2017

Quick and Efficient Exosome Isolation from Cell Culture for Sensitive Applications

50 Euro Voucher

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Peptide Microarrays

Peptide Microarray

Peptide microarrays in any quantity and with any content you need with the new PEPperPRINT technology.

DNA Methylation Kits

Benefit from outstanding cytosine conversion rates and fast protocols using DNA Bisulfite Modification Kits


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