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Clones, Cloning & Expression

Functional Genomics

Explore a specific gene, a family of genes or a whole genome.

BioCat offers comprehensive tools for Gene Expression, Gene Knockdown and Gene Editing.

Gene-specific Clones, Sets & Kits

Select the cDNA, ORF, shRNA or sgRNA clones specific for your gene of interest from our extensive collections.

Gene Expression

Gene Kockdown

Libraries & Sets

Assay many thousands of effector constructs simultaneously with genome-wide RNAi and CRISPR libraries.

Gene Kockdown

Gene Editing

Custom Services

Benefit from high-quality gene synthesis, shRNA or sgRNA library generation and cell line engineering performed by experts. 

Vector Systems

Choose the cDNA, shRNA or sgRNA/Cas9 expression system tailored for your specific application.