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Recombinant Protein Expression

Risk-free expression of your target protein in E. coli

Start your experiments with high-quality recombinant proteins reliably expressed and purified by our comprehensive protein production services. Every step of the workflow, from gene cloning and sequence validation to protein expression and purification, is covered. Our overall success rate is over 95% for the E. coli expression systems used. 
Request a quote today to experience unprecedented, high-quality yet competitively priced Bacterial Protein Expression Services.


Recombinant Protein Expression Workflow

1. Gene synthesis with codon optimization, cloning into expression vector, sequence validation, plasmid preparation.
Please note: This fist step is an extra service and has to be purchased separately. Please contact us for more information and a quote.

2. Protein expression evaluation and optimization, using gene expression construct generated in step 1

3. Protein purification

4. Large scale protein expression & purification at the desired quantity and purity

5. Optional: Tag removal

6. QC testing

7. Protein delivery

Protein Expression Procedure


Specifications & Requirements

  • Quantity & purity of recombinant protein is guaranteed; if project fails, no costs apply
  • Size of target protein must be between 10 kDa and 100 kDa
  • Endotoxin removal and other specific requirements can be provided for extra charges
  • Protein solubility is guaranteed, but bioactivity or functionality are NOT
  • If the protein expresses as inclusion bodies, refolding will be attempted to make the protein soluble
  • Protein is provided as lyophilized powder whenever possible. If the solubility of the protein changes after lyophilization, it will be shipped in liquid form
  • Protein purity is determined by SDS-PAGE and Western Blot (tagged proteins only), and quantity is determined by Bradford/BCA/A280 assays
  • Purity determination by HPLC is also available, please inquire for specific requirements and extra costs


Custom Protein Expression Pricing - Tagged and Tag-free Proteins

Quantity Purity Price+ Tagged Protein* Price+ Tag-free Protein
3 mg  85% 1620 € 3190 €
3 mg  90% 2070 € 4300 €
3 mg  95% 2515 € -
5 mg  85% 2180 € 4410 €
5 mg  90% 2670 € 5530 €
5 mg  95% 3080 € -
10 mg  85% 2740 € 6760 €
10 mg  90% 3190 € 8780 €
10 mg  95% 3630 € -


+Prices only apply if gene expression construct is available. Gene synthesis services are offered for an additional cost.

*Available tags: His, MBP (Maltose Binding Protein), GST (Glutathione-S-Transferase)