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System Biosciences (SBI)

Leader in Exosome Research

BioCat's long-standing premium partner System Biosciences is a small biotech company that has delivered innovative products and services for molecular and cell biology research since January 2004, when SBI introduced their first lentivectors and pPACK lentivirus packaging systems. They focus on being the first to bring the newest methodologies to market - SBI was the first company to deliver exosome research reagents - so researchers can quickly take advantage of the latest, most powerful approaches.

Dedicated to quality, many of SBI's products and most of their service offerings are completed in their state-of-the-art facility in Palo Alto CA, enabling them to maintain control over manufacturing conditions and quality, ensuring service projects remain confidential and service project status updates are delivered frequently and in a timely manner.

Accelerate your research with dependable, high-quality cell and molecular biology products from SBI.

Exosome Research Tools

Supporting all aspects of your exosome research, SBI’s products enable quantitative, high-throughput, and high-quality studies and deliver unparalleled capabilities.

Lentivirus Production 

Widely regarded in the industry for delivering high-quality, high-titer lentivirus preparations, SBI’s lentivirus production products power cutting-edge research across a range of applications.

Gene Expression Systems

Offering integrating and non-integrating vectors in viral and non-viral systems, SBI also offers a wealth of options for gene delivery and expression.

Imaging & Reporter Vectors

Delivering unparalleled insight into the cell, SBI's wide range of imaging and reporter vectors provide ready-built, ready-to-use constructs for today's busy labs.

miRNA & lncRNA Research Tools

From profiling to overexpression for biomarker discovery, basic and translational research, and more, SBI has got the long and short of non-coding RNA covered.