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Pluripotency & Differentiation Analysis

Reporters for Stem Cell Research

Monitor Differentiation & Pluripotency

Reporters for stem cell research are effective, biosafe and powerful tools to assess pathway activity, monitor pluripotency and track differentiation in stem cells. They are available as lentivector plasmids or as pre-packaged lentiviral preparations (using the HIV lentiviral backbone and pseudotyped with the VSV-G protein) - ready for transduction of target cells.

Stem Cell Differentiation Reporter System

Stem Cell Differentiation Reporters contain cell- and stage-specific promoters driving GFP and Zeocin selection in differentiated cells. Select from 5 different lineages including neurogenic, hematopoietic, myogenic, structural or signaling, and trace differentiation in real-time. These lentiviral reporters can be used to develop new directed differentiation protocols and to study cell fate specification.

Differentiation Promoter Reporter


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Hiw Differentiation Promoter Reporter

Simultaneously track multiple lineages from iPS and progenitor cells.

Pluripotency Promoter Reporter System

Enrich for plutipotent cell populations and identify successfully reprogrammed cells through the use of Pluripotency Promoter Reporters. Choose from lentivector-based promoter reporters with dual markers in pGreenZeo, pRedZeo and pRedTK formats. Human or mouse Oct4 or Nanog promoters drive expression of the fluorescent protein and selection marker in pluripotent cells.

Pluripotency Promoter Reporter


Pluripotency Response Reporter System

The pluripotent state of your stem cells can be verified using Oct4 (CR4) or Sox2 (SRR2) conserved enhancer Pluripotency Response Reporters. These lentivector-based transcriptional reporters express copGFP and luciferase in response to Oct4 or Sox2 activity. They work for both human and mouse stem cells. Using Oct4 (CR4) or Sox2 (SRR2) Response Reporter Constructs, you can track pluripotency in living cells with GFP and quantitate activities of Oct4 or Sox2 with luciferase.

Pluripotency Response Reporter