Global UltraRapid Lentiviral Titer Kit (for Human and Mouse Cells): Determination of copy number of integrated Lentiviral Constructs Add to Cart

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Accurately measure the amount of infectious particles faster than with conventional p24 ELISA titer kits (less than 3 hours from cells-to-titer!)

• Accurate qPCR measurement of lentiviral titers.
• No isolation or concentration of genomic DNA required.
• Built-in reference control for normalization.
• Dynamic titering up to 15 MOI.
• Compatible with most WPRE-containing lenti-constructs (e.g. pLVCT-H1, pLVTHM, pGIPZ, HiPerform™ and all SBI lentivectors.)


Measure exact infectivity of virus with no inactive virus background

The UltraRapid Lentiviral Global Titer Kit is designed to rapidly determine the titers of pseudoviral particles that are generated with SBI’s FIV and HIV based vectors and other WPRE-containing lentiviral vectors.
It allows users to measure the copy numbers of integrated lentiviral constructs in genomic DNA of transduced target cells. Except for nuclease-free water, the kit contains all components necessary for measuring the amounts of endogenous PGK1 DNA and the pseudo-lentiviral-specific WPRE element that is integrated into the genomes of successfully tranduced cells in each sample. The titer of each sample is then determined by calculating the amount of WPRE element relative to that of Ultra Conserved Region 1 (UCR1) DNA against a standard curve generated with the provided calibration standards. The advantage of the the LV961A-1 kit is that the UCR1 primers are completely compatible with both Human and Mouse genomes, thus you can titer from either of those cell types


Kit Components
Cell lysis buffer
Primer sets
Calibration standards
2x SYBR Green hotstart Taq DNA polymerase master mix
User Manual

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