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Enhanced Episomal Vectors (EEV)

Enhanced Episomal Vector (EEV) Technology

An easy-to-produce non-integrating option for gene expression that can deliver sustained expression from a non-viral system

  • High levels of expression
  • Easy to clone formats
  • No special plasmid production
  • Nonviral, non-integrating technology
  • Constitutive and inducible vector formats

Avoid the challenges of viral transduction systems with the EEV nonviral, non-integrating plasmid-based expression vector system. The technology is based on the Epstein-Barr Nuclear Antigen-1 (oriP-EBNA1) that has the ability to replicate in synchrony with the host genome by attaching to the host chromatin and replicating with each cell cycle division. This results in an extended presence within a host cell without integration or modification of the host´s genome. Our partner SBI has developed an enhanced version of the oriP-EBNA1 technology called the Enhanced Episomal Vector (EEV) platform. The major distinguishing feature of the EEV system from viral or other plasmid-based approaches is its capability to create long-term expressing cell lines without any risk of genomic integration or alterations. This technology enables sustained transgene expression for several months in both in vitro and in vivo applications.

How it works

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SBI’s EEV episomal expression vectors  as well as reporter vectors come in both constitutive and inducible gene expression formats. In addition a premade mouse IL-23 EEV expression construct is available.

Licensing Restrictions for the EEV system

For Academic and Non-Profit Institutions

Researchers at academic and non-profit institutes are granted full access to purchasing the EEV cloning vectors and reporters. Full sequence information is provided upon proof of purchase of EEV vectors. Please contact us for sequence information.

For Commercial Customers

For-profit and commercial customers can purchase the pre-made EEV reporters (EEV604A-1-SBI, EEV605A-1-SBI); however, due to licensing restrictions, cloning EEV vectors (e.g. EEV600A-1-SBI and EEV610A-1-SBI) are not available for purchase directly. Instead, these are available through SBI’s custom EEV cloning and production services. SBI then provides the commercial customer with the desired amount of ready-to-use EEV custom construct DNA.


We also offer custom EEV cloning and plasmid DNA production services.