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siRNA Constructs

Lentiviral siRNA Cloning and Expression Vectors

 iLenti™ RNAi Expression System

Clone and express any siRNA using the specially-designed iLenti™ RNAi Expression System. The system is based on a unique convergent promoter design for efficient gene knockdown, without the need for a hairpin loop structure. This approach simplifies the design, cloning, and validation process, as it allows for the production of a functional siRNA expression cassette without repeat sequences.

  • siRNA in lentiviral vectors for either transfection or viral infection
  • Very stable and high yielding plasmids; no special competent cells are required
  • Uses more potent 27-29 bp oligos than the traditional 19 or 21 bp oligos
  • Convergent promoters to avoid hairpin loop structures, making sequencing and plasmid growth much easier
  • GFP reporter is available for monitoring transfection or viral infection
  • Vectors are pre-linearized for quick and easy cloning

The Bbs I-linearized siRNA cloning and expression vectors are provided as vector only or in kit format containing additional sequencing primers and plasmid packaging mix (version 1) or sequencing primers, plasmid packaging mix, 293T cells, Lentifectin and Lenti-GFP vector (version 2). iLenti sequencing primers and scrambled controls (plasmid and pseudoviral particles) are also offered.


Pilenti Sirna And Pilenti Sirna Gfp

piLenti-siRNA and piLenti-siRNA-GFP siRNA Cloning and Expression Vectors.