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3'UTR microRNA Target Clones

miTarget™ 3'UTR miRNA Target Clones

Our partner GeneCopoeia provides genome-wide human, mouse and rat microRNA (miRNA) 3' UTR target clones in mammalian expression vectors. miRNA 3' UTR target clones can be used for miRNA target identification and functional validation of predicted targets, or to study the regulatory effect of miRNAs on target genes.

miTarget™ 3'UTR miRNA Target Clones in pEZX-MT05 - Gaussia Luciferase & SEAP

3' UTR sequences were obtained from public domain gene sequence databases and inserted downstream of a secreted Gaussia luciferase (GLuc) reporter gene, which is expressed under control of the SV40 promoter in mammalian cells. A chimeric mRNA is transcribed consisting of the GLuc and a 3' UTR target sequence. Thus, the study of mRNA-miRNA target interaction can be easily performed with a live cell assay for GLuc using only 10 µl of the cell culture medium. Besides using GLuc as the miRNA 3' UTR target reporter, a secreted Alkaline Phosphatase (SEAP) reporter driven by a CMV promoter is also cloned into the same vector (pEZX-MT05) and serves as the internal control. The dual-reporter vector system enables transfection normalization for accurate across-sample comparison. 

How 3’UTR miRNA Target Clones Work


How 3utr Clone Works


miTarget™ 3'UTR miRNA Target Clones in pEZX-MT06 – Firefly Luciferase & Renilla Luciferase

In addition to the GLuc/SEAP dual-reporter vector system, 3' UTR sequences are also vailable in a Firefly/Renilla Duo-Luciferase reporter vector (pEZX-MT06).

Assay Kits

For miRNA target validation using GeneCopoeia's pEZX-MT05 and pEZX-MT06 target clones, the Secrete-Pair™ Dual Luminescence Assay Kit and Luc-Pair™ Duo-Luciferase Assay Kit, respectively, are recommended.