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siRNA 27mer Oligo Duplexes

siRNA 27mer Oligo Duplexes

Genome-wide Coverage - Human, Mouse and Rat

siRNA 27mer Oligo Duplexes developed by OriGene provide two critical improvements over the use of traditional 21mer siRNA designs. They take advantage of the natural processing by Dicer producing 10-fold higher potency and specificity than shorter 21mer RNAi forms. The 27mer duplexes also evade the radar of the mammalian interferon response when expressed in mammalian cells and initiate strong and specific gene silencing.

Learn more about Dicer-Substrate technology in this Nature Publication.

  • Genome-wide coverage - human, mouse and rat
  • 27mer Dicer-substrate duplex for strong and specific gene silencing and minimal interferon response
  • Offers 10X higher potency and specificity than standard 21mer
  • Guaranteed gene knockdown (70%)*
  • Comprehensive kit: includes 3 unique 27mer siRNA duplexes, 1 negative control, buffer
*OriGene guarantees that at least two of the three Dicer-Substrate duplexes in the kit will provide at least 70% or more knockdown of the target mRNA when used at 10 nM concentration by quantitative RT-PCR when the TYE-563 fluorescent transfection control duplex (Cat# SR30002-OR) indicates that >90% of the cells have been transfected and the HPRT positive control (Cat# SR30003-OR) provides 90% knockdown efficiency.


Download the siRNA-27 Application Guide