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Liquid Biopsy DNA/RNA Purification

Isolate high-quality, inhibitor-free DNA and RNA of all sizes from plasma/serum and urine samples

Liquid biopsy is a method to obtain biomarkers directly from body fluids such as blood or urine instead of solid tissue. It is a simple and  non-invasive alternative to surgical biopsies. With the growing recognition that circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) can provide critical information on diseases that are normally difficult to detect with standard approaches - including cancer - the interest in liquid biopsy methods for biomarker discovery and disease research is on the rise. In addition to cfDNA, exosomes are also a rich source of biomarkers that are amenable to the straightforward liquid biopsy approach.

Liquid Biopsy

Detection and analysis of circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) in blood.

To facilitate biomarker discovery in liquid biopsies, BioCat offers comprehensive tools for the complete workflow from the collection and preservation of blood or urine through the enrichment, purification and NGS analysis of

  • Circulating cell-free DNA
  • Circulating cell-free RNA
  • Exosomal DNA and RNA

Norgen Sample Preparation Kits

  • All sizes of cfc DNA, cfc RNA and exosomal RNA, incl. microRNA
  • High-quality, inhibitor-free cfc DNA or cfc RNA
  • Fresh, preserved or frozen plasma/serum or urine samples
  • Convenient spin column format
  • Rapid and simple - 15 to 45 minutes depending on sample volume
  • Flexible final elution volumes
  • Compatible with various downstream applications, incl. NGS


More Tools for Sample Preparation

The sample preparation kits offered by BioCat provide a fast, reliable and simple procedure for sample collection and preservation as well as for the subsequent purification of inhibitor-free RNA (including microRNA), DNA or proteins from various specimen types, including mammalian cells and (FFPE) tissues, blood, plasma/serum, saliva/swab, urine, stool, plants, fungi and soil. Multi-analyte kits allow for the sequential isolation of RNA, DNA and proteins from the same sample using a single column with no sample splitting.

A large  variety of kits is especially designed for the purification of RNA and DNA, including cell-free circulating nucleic acids, from liquid biopsy samples including urine, plasma, serum and blood. Optimized preservation reagents grant the longest stability of DNA and RNA in e.g. urine, saliva and stool samples at ambient temperature.