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Supplier: Norgen
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For Whole Blood Sample Collection and Preservation of Cell-Free Circulating DNA & RNA as well as Circulating Tumor Cells and White Blood Cells

• Fixative-free preservative, no cross-linking of DNA/RNA
• Preserve cell-free DNA & RNA for 30 days at ambient temperature
• No plasma volume loss after shipping/transportation
• Prevent hemolysis allowing better separation of plasma
• Prevent apoptosis of blood cells and fragmentation of genomic DNA
• Produce high quality/quantity of plasma cf-DNA/cf-RNA
• Vacuumed to draw 8.3 mL of blood in 10 ml tubes
• PET tubes to avoid breakage during shipping & handling
• New: Can also be used for preserving Circulating Tumor Cells and White Blood Cells, isolation protocol see below

Norgen´s cf-DNA/cf-RNA Preservative Tubes are closed, evacuated plastic tubes for the collection and the preservation of cell-free circulating DNA and RNA in human whole blood samples during storage and shipping. Using these tubes in combination with Norgen´s Plasma/Serum Cell-Free Circulating DNA and RNA Purification Kits enables the purification and concentration of an inhibitor-free cell-free circulating DNA/RNA in a very small elution volume that is compatible with any downstream application.

For packing sizes above 100 tubes please ask for a quote.


Norgen´s cf-DNA/cf-RNA Preservative Tubes abridge the collection/processing of whole blood for the subsequent purification of cell-free circulating DNA and RNA. The cf-DNA/cf-RNA Preservative Tubes preserve and inhibit the programmed cell-death (apoptosis) of the blood, hence preventing the release of intracellular DNA into plasma. Moreover, the cell-free circulating DNA and RNA levels are stable for up to 30 days at room temperature or up to 8 days at 37°C (Figure 1 and Figure 3). Whole blood samples can be shipped and stored at room temperature for the subsequent processing of plasma.

Plasma samples produced from the whole blood sample collected into Norgen’s cf-DNA Preservative Tubes and purified using Norgen´s Plasma/Serum Cell-Free Circulating DNA Purification Kits or Norgen´s Plasma/Serum Circulating DNA Purification Kits (Slurry Format) yield concentrated, high-quality and inhibitor-free cf-DNA for any downstream application assays, including PCR, qPCR, methylation-sensitive PCR, Southern Blot analysis, microarrays and NGS.

This product is for research use only and not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Figure 1: Effect of ambient temperature storage on cf-DNA (pDNA), exemplified by the short Alu (115bp) fragment, and genomic DNA (gDNA), exemplified by the large Alu (247 bp) fragment. Blood samples were drawn into either: 1) EDTA tubes, 2) Competitor tubes or 3) Norgens cf-DNA Preservative Tubes and stored at room temperature. Aliquots of blood were removed at the indicated times and the plasma was separated. DNA was isolated, and pDNA and gDNA concentrations were determined by real-time PCR using a short ALU gene target (115 bp) representing the pDNA and a long ALU gene (247 bp) representing the gDNA. Levels of these two fragments should stay the same for the duration indicating stabilization and no hemolysis. As expected, there was no stabilization of cf-DNA and extensive hemolysis in the EDTA tube. Competitor showed significantly lower Ct values for both genes after 14 days, whereas cf-DNA was stable for 30 days at room temperature for Norgens cf-DNA Preservative Tubes.

Figure 2: No plasma volume loss after shipping/transportation. Blood was drawn from 6 different donors in duplicate. One set was kept in the lab at room temperature and the other was packed in an insulated box and shipped from Thorold, ON via overnight air freight to Winnipeg, MB and then back to Thorold ON (elapsed time 72 h). Upon return, preserved samples were stored at room temperature for 7 days before plasma was separated. The plasma volume recovered from Norgens cf-DNA Preservative Tubes did not change before shipping or after shipping (6-7 ml recovered plasma) whereas for both Competitor tubes and EDTA tubes the plasma volume recovered before shipping was ~ 4 ml and after shipping was ~ 2.5 ml.


Figure 3: Effect of high temperature (37°C) storage for 8 days. Blood samples were drawn into either EDTA tubes, Competitor tubes or Norgen´s cf-DNA Preservative Tubes and stored at 37°C. cf-DNA was then isolated from processed plasma. gDNA concentration was determined by real-time PCR using a long ALU gene target (247 bp). The gDNA - target in EDTA tubes showed a significant drop in the Ct. value after 1 day of storage at 37°C compared to the initial time point, and continued to drop until the 8th day of storage. For Competitor, the gDNA - target remained stable up to the 4th day of storage and then the Ct. values started to significantly drop, indicating poor stabilization beyond day 4. The stabilization with Norgen´s cf-DNA Preservative Tubes stabilized samples for 8 days.

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