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Mammalian Expression Systems

Mammalian Expression Systems

With a wealth of options for gene delivery and expression, SBI has the gene expression vectors to support a wide variety of mammalian-specific projects.

Enhanced Episomal Vectors (EEV)

The EEV nonviral, non-integrating plasmid-based expression vector system avoids the challenges of viral transduction systems. The technology is based on the Epstein-Barr Nuclear Antigen-1 (oriP-EBNA1) that has the ability to replicate in synchrony with the host genome by attaching to the host chromatin and replicating with each cell cycle division. This results in an extended presence within a host cell without integration or modification of the host´s genome.

Minicircle DNA Vector Technology

Minicircle episomal DNA vectors are produced as circular expression cassettes devoid of any bacterial plasmid DNA backbone. Their smaller molecular size enables more efficient transfections and offers sustained expression over a period of weeks as compared to standard plasmid vectors that only work for a few days. 

PiggyBac Transposon System

The powerful activity of the PiggyBac Transposon System enables genes of interest to be easily mobilized into target genomes. The PiggyBac (PB) transposon is a mobile genetic element that efficiently transposes between PiggyBac vectors and chromosomes via a "cut and paste" mechanism. The unique features of PiggyBac transposons are that there is no cargo limit and it is reversible. Transposons from the genome can be removed footprint-free.

PhiC31 Integrase Vector System

The PhiC31 Integrase System is an non-viral, integrase-based gene expression system. A variety of promoter and reporter combinations are available. The PhiC31 System is suitable for low- or single-copy integrations and supports integrations of large inserts without size constraints. It is frequently used for gene therapy development and related applications.

PinPoint Targeted Integration System

The PinPoint Targeted Integration system allows the easy and efficient production of isogenic stable cell lines in mammalian and other cell types. Custom gene expression cassettes can be engineered into target genomes using the unique PinPoint integrase with site-specific control. This technology enables the generation of platform cell lines which can be used to routinely knock-in different transgenes and reporters at the same genetic locus in cells with the same genetic background.