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Phage Display optimized SS320 (MC1061 F') Electrocompetent Cells (DUOS) > 4 x 10e10 cfu/ug Add to Cart

Cat#: 60512-1-LU
Quantity: 12 transformations (6 x 50 ul)
Price: 294 €
Supplier: Lucigen
Shipping: Dry Ice
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SS320 (also known as MC1061 F′) (and which are unique to our partner Lucigen) Electrocompetent Cells have the highest transformation efficiency (≥4 x 10e10 cfu/ug) available for phage display library screening, enabling you to create extremely large libraries.

• Phage display library construction and screening
• Antibody epitope mapping
• Peptide ligand identification
• Protein:Protein interaction identification
• Directed evolution of proteins
• Find tumor antigens, candidates for therapeutic antibodies, enzyme inhibitors, receptor agonists, etc.

Transformation efficiency of Lucigen´s electrocompetent bacterial cells for phage display compared to competitor´s specification.

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