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Competent Cells

Electroporation and Chemically Competent Cells

Competent Cells for Any Application

Choosing the right cells for your cloning and protein expression applications will directly impact the time and effort required for your project as well as its success. The competent cells developed by our partners Lucigen, Genlantis and Antibody Design Labs offer the best performance, value and convenience for cloning and expression.

Chemically Competent Cells offer an unmatched value for routine cloning, and Electrocompetent Cells provide the highest possible efficiency for difficult cloning and library construction. In addition, a variety of competent cells for protein expression with unsurpassed performance is available.

Please ask for bulk quantities and custom dispensing/packaging options.

  • General Cloning & Library Construction
  • Large or Difficult Fragment Cloning
  • Phage Display Library Applications
  • Protein Expression

Features of Lucigen Competent Cells

Endura Cells
• Clone unstable sequences with reliable results
• Cells of choice for lentiviral cloning and CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing
• Direct replacement for Stbl3 and SURE strains
• High efficiency: > 1 ×108 cfu/ug (chem) or > 1 × 1010 cfu/ug (electro)

Phage Display Cells
• TG1, SS320 and E2738 strains
• Perfect for antibody or peptide phage display libraries
• Highest transformation efficiencies available anywhere
• Amber suppressor and non-amber suppressor lines for maximum flexibility

ClearColi Cells
• ClearColi BL21(DE3) and K-12 strains
E. coli plasmid and protein production strains lacking endotoxic LPS
• Ideal for mammalian cell transfection, immunogenicity and toxicity assays
• Reduce false positives in cytokine assays, improve transfection results

OverExpress Cells
• OverExpress C41(DE3), C43(DE3), C41(DE3)pLysS and C43(DE3)pLysS strains
• Effective in expressing toxic and membrane proteins from any organism
• Cited in hundreds of publications
• Combo pack containing all four strains available

E. cloni 10G and 10GF’ Cells
• Your most cost-effective source for competent cells
• Transformation efficiencies up to > 4 × 1010 cfu/ug
• Broad line of strains for all your cloning needs
• Direct replacement of TOP10, DH5alpha, DH10B, JM109, XL1-Blue strains


Strains Replaced By Lu Compcells

Recovery Media

Recovery Medium

Expression Recovery Medium

Custom Configurations

Please contact us for more information related to custom competent cell services or to receive a bulk quotation.