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Gibson Assembly

Gibson Assembly – Cost and Time saving Cloning Technology

Gibson Assembly® cloning allows for insertion of DNA fragments into virtually any vector without the need for compatible restriction sites. Join any two fragments to generate seamless constructs in your desired vector.

The Gibson Assembly method from our partner Telesis Bio (formerly Codex DNA) can be used to rapidly clone multiple DNA fragments into any vector in one hour or less without the use of restriction enzymes. By designing DNA fragments with homologous overlapping ends, users can create DNA constructs in a single round of cloning.

The method is initiated by combining DNA fragments with the Gibson Assembly Master Mix. The master mix enzyme cocktail mediates strand chew back, exposing a single strand which allows for annealing of the terminal homologous overlap sequences. Annealing of the homologous overlap sequences is followed by extension and ligation to yield an assembled product. Seamless assembly can be readily applied to both routine cloning and large and complex cloning projects. 

Three complete kits are offered for different objectives, Master Mixes are available as standalone products.

  • Gibson Assembly® HiFi Kit allows for the assembly of up to 5 different fragments ranging from 500 bp to 32 kb using an isothermal process. The process is performed in a single step.
  • Gibson Assembly® Ultra Kit is optimal for more complex constructs (up to 15 fragments) or for constructs incorporating fragments from 100 bp to 100 kb.
  • Gibson Assembly® RapidAMP™ Ultra Kit provides a single day, seamless, assembly-to-transfection-ready DNA workflow.

Commercial Use Rights

All Gibson Assembly® products purchased from BioCat as Telesis Bio (Codex DNA) authorized distributor include full commercial use rights. Please contact us in case further details are needed.