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Cloning Systems

Cloning Systems

A wide variety of cloning systems is provided to make your cloning procedures convenient, highly efficient and successful.

Cold Fusion Cloning

Cold Fusion Cloning from System Biosciences (SBI) is a quick and easy way to place any insert - or multiple inserts simultaneously - at any site into any linearized vector. Highly efficient, with more than 90% positive cloning rate, with a restriction enzyme, phosphatase and ligase free system.

Gibson Assembly Method

The Gibson Assembly Kits from our partner Codex DNA can be used to rapidly clone multiple DNA fragments into any vector in one hour or less without the use of restriction enzymes. By designing DNA fragments with homologous overlapping ends, users can create DNA constructs in a single round of cloning.

PrecisionShuttle System

To accommodate diverse tagging needs (different tag types and/or different locations), our partner OriGene devised the PrecisionShuttle System to allow easy subcloning of an ORF from one tagged vector to another. A large panel of destination vectors is available so that you can express the ORF with different tags, with tags at different ends of the protein, or as the native, untagged protein depending on the application.