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ABM’s iLenti expression system is an HIV lentiviral vector-based siRNA expression system with the following advantages:

• iLenti™ vectors are very stable and have the ability to grow in regular competent cells, which eliminates the need for special, stable competent cells
• iLenti™ uses convergent promoters to avoid hairpin loop structure design, thus cloned siRNA will be less likely to form secondary structures, allowing easier plasmid propagation and sequencing
• The convergent promoter design also enables longer siRNA designs of 27-29bp oligos, which have been shown to be more efficient than traditional 21mers in specific gene knockdown (Kim et al. 2005)
• iLenti™ significantly reduces the production cost of oligos, as ~33bp inserts are used instead of the >60bp oligos used in shRNA based systems
• The iLentiTM vector has a unique, single Bbs I restriction enzyme site in the multiple cloning site, which allows efficient, directional cloning of siRNA target sites
• Kanamycin / Neomycin Selection Marker
• Optimized packaging plasmids, packaging cell line, transfection reagent, and control vectors also available, either in a kit format or separately - see below
• Sequencing Primers available, either in kit formats or separately - see below
• Negative Control with a cloned scrambled sequence available, , either in kit formats or separately - see below

• iLenti-EGFP (see link below) also has an EGFP reporter gene incorporated under the CMV promoter, which allows simultaneous tracking of expressed siRNAs in vivo and FACS sorting of successfully transduced cells


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