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ExoQuick PLUS - Quick and Efficient Exosome Isolation for Sensitive Applications
...when you need an extra level of confidence:

• Cleaner—reduces albumins and immunoglobulins as much as 85% more than leading column-based serum exosome isolation kits
• Better—reduces total protein carryover as much as 50% more than competing column or precipitation-based approaches
• More efficient—results in higher yields and similar purity compared to ultracentrifugation
• Powerful—detects biomarkers with as much as a 3-fold increase in sensitivity
• Fast—takes less than 10 minutes of hands-on-time after initial ExoQuick isolation

While the ExoQuick® family of reagents speed-up and simplify exosome isolation and are compatible with most downstream uses, some applications are especially sensitive to carry-over of non-exosomal proteins applications such as mass spectrometry, western blotting of low abundance markers, exosome labeling, and in vivo/ex vivo exosome delivery. Which is why SBI offers ExoQuick PLUS and ExoQuick-TC PLUS.

Building on SBI´s popular ExoQuick family of products, ExoQuick PLUS and ExoQuick-TC PLUS further reduce protein carryover from serum/plasma and tissue culture exosomal preparations with a simple treatment by ready-to-use, customized microspheres (kits contains enough ExoQuick or ExoQuick-TC and pre-packed microspheres for 10 reactions. In less than 10 minutes of total hands-on time after ExoQuick isolation, you can obtain highly pure, intact exosomes suitable for a variety of protein-sensitive applications.

Taking Efficient Exosome Isolation to a Whole New Level of Quality
ExoQuick PLUS provides efficient exosome isolation with reduced protein carry-over, resulting in isolated exosomes suitable for most sensitive downstream applications.

Fig.1 ExoQuick PLUS exosome isolation results in samples with less protein carry-over than competitors’ products. For each lane, 2.5 µg of total protein was loaded. A. Western blot probing for serum albumin, IgG, and the exosome-specific tetraspanin marker CD9 shows higher CD9:IgG and CD9:albumin ratios in the ExoQuick PLUS lane than in the competitors’ lanes. B. Ponceau staining to assess total serum protein abundance shows the least amount of carry-over protein in the ExoQuick PLUS lane.

Fig. 2 Exosome isolation from serum with ExoQuick PLUS results in a higher particle:protein ratio than competitors’ products, indicating less protein carry-over. The particle:protein ratio is a measure of relative protein carry-over, with a higher ratio indicating less protein carry-over. Particle numbers were generated using NanoSight NTA analysis, and carry-over protein concentrations were measured using a BCA assay.

Exosome Isolation with ExoQuick PLUS results in Higher Protein Yields and less albumin carryover compared to Ultracentrifugation
ExoQuick PLUS provides an easier and more scalable exosome isolation workflow than ultracentrifugation-based methods that include a PBS wash. In addition, the total yields are higher with ExoQuick PLUS, even though you need only a fraction of the starting material.

ExoQuick PLUS exosome isolation results in samples with less protein carry-over than ultracentrifugation. Western blot analysis of EVs isolated using either ExoQuick PLUS or ultracentrifugation and wash demonstrate that the ExoQuick PLUS method results in less co-purification of albumin and IgG for much cleaner EV preps (each lane loaded with 2.5 µg protein equivalent). In addition, the 3-fold higher EV-specific CD9 signal indicates a higher EV yield in the ExoQuick PLUS lane.

ExoQuick PLUS exosome isolation results in higher yields compared to ultracentrifugation. From only 50 µL of serum, you can isolate 1 x 10^9 EV particles (determined using NanoSight NTA) using ExoQuick PLUS (requires the use of two 25 µL ExoQuick PLUS reactions). In contrast, to achieve the same yields using a standard ultracentrifugation protocol, you’d need to start with 1,000 µL of serum—that’s 20-fold more starting sample.

ExoQuick PLUS exosome isolation enables the identification of biomarkers present at lower abundance. EV marker CD63 was detected in EVs prepared using either ExoQuick PLUS or a standard ultracentrifugation protocol, as a function of input sample amount. CD63 levels were measured using an ExoELISA-ULTRA assay, and the ratio of the signal from the ExoQuick PLUS sample compared to the ultracentrifugation sample. As input sample levels decrease, CD63 is more readily detected in the ExoQuick PLUS samples than in the ultracentrifugation samples.

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