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Exosome Isolation & Purification

Exosome Isolation

Accelerate exosome isolation with products that enable fast, multiplexed exosome enrichment and purification from a wide range of biofluids

ExoQuick Exosome Precipitation 

The ExoQuick portolio of products originated with the ExoQuick and ExoQuick-TC Exosome Precipitation Solutions that enable high-throughput, high-yield exosome isolation. Using these unique, polymer-based reagents, exosomal vesicles are gently and reliably precipitated from solution. Compatible with virtually any biofluid (such as serum, plasma, tissue culture media, etc) and a wide variety of downstream applications, ExoQuick and ExoQuick-TC are effective and proven alternatives to ultracentrifugation.

  • Quick and easy - simple protocol isolates exosomes in as little as 30 minutes
  • Universal - enables exosome isolation from all biofluids tested to-date
  • Broadly usable - isolated exosomes perform well in a variety of downstream applications, including miRNA profiling, NGS, and mass spec analysis
  • Functional - isolated exosomes are intact and bioactive 

ExoQuick ULTRA Exosome Purification

ExoQuick ULTRA and ExoQuick-TC ULTRA EV Isolation Kits are the most advanced polymer-based methods for isolating extracellular vesicles (EVs) from most biofluids.

  • Even cleaner - reduces carry-over of albumins by 75% and immunoglobulins by 40% more than other methods, including ultracentrifugation and competitors’ kits
  • Higher yields - isolate more EVs per normalized input volume than ultracentrifugation and competitors’ kits
  • Better biomarker detection - see what you’ve been missing when you increase the sensitivity of EV biomarker detection by up to 11-fold (CD9) and 8-fold (CD81)
  • Fast - requires less than 20-minutes of hands-on time, including a convenient column-based format for clean-up
  • Cost-effective - save money with each reaction compared to how much you’ll spend using a competitor’s kit

In addition to the ExoQuick Precipitation Solutions BioCat offers several more exosome isolation & purification reagents and kits from other partner companies. Browse the complete portfolio or select a Product Category or Sample Type of interest in the search engine above.