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710.10 € - valid until 30 April 2022
Supplier: Norgen
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User Manual  

• Purification and enrichment of intact urinary exosomes for functional studies
• Versatile sample input ranging from 250 µl to 30 ml
- Urine Exosome Purification Mini Kit (250 µl - 1 ml urine)
- Urine Exosome Purification Midi Kit (2 ml - 10 ml urine)
- Urine Exosome Purification Maxi Kit (11 ml - 30 ml urine)

• No time-consuming ultracentrifugation, filtration nor special syringes required
• No precipitation reagents nor overnight incubation required
• No protease treatment required
• Compatible with urine from any species
• Pure exosomes are purified and are free-from any other RNA-binding proteins
• Purified exosomes can be analyzed using NanoSight® or Electron Microscopy for assessing the approximate exosome size range and concentration

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