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TheWell Bioscience

Growing Cells in New Dimensions

BioCat's partner TheWell Bioscience develops advanced biomaterials and services to establish a robust 3D cell culture platform and injectable delivery system for drug discovery, tissue engineering, cell therapy, and personalized medicine. The company delivers a functional, xeno-free, and tunable hydrogel system (VitroGel® and VitroINK®) to closely mimic the natural extracellular matrix for in vitro 3D organotypic culture. A xeno-free system is key for 3D cell culture in clinical applications. 

Patient-derived cells can culture on these systems for personalized 3D cell models. Using their hydrogel system as an injectable delivery system, scientists can achieve better cell retention and higher cell viability for cell therapy.

3D Cell Culture

Closely mimicking the natural extracellular matrix (ECM) environment, the VitroGel® xeno-free functional hydrogel system provides an outstanding balance of biological functions and operating ease.

3D Bioprinting

VitroINK® is a new generation of xeno-free functional bioink system that can print without UV, heat curing, or chemical cross-linking. 

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