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3D Bioprinting

VitroINK® Xeno-free Functional Bioink

Easy-to-use, No UV / No Heat Curing, No chemical Crosslinking.

VitroINK® is a ready-to-use, xeno-free tunable bioink system that requires no UV,  no temperature/pH curing, or chemical cross-linking. The system is ready-to-use at room temperature, neutral in pH, transparent, and has excellent visibility after printing and cell culture. Due to the unique shear-thinning and rapid recovery mechanical property, VitroINK® can maintain the printed structure without UV or other special curing methods. Adding cell culture medium after printing can further stabilize the printed structure and support cell growth.

  • Ready-to-use
  • No UV or temperature/pH curing, no chemical cross-linking
  • Multiple functional versions
  • Wide printing temperature range
  • Directly add cell medium for long-term culture

Cells can be pre-mixed with VitroINK® using the VitroINK® Mixing Kit, see table below, for mixing ratios at 3:1 or 10:1. Different versions of VitroINK® may incorporate multiple biological functional ligands to promote cell attachment, cell-matrix interactions, cell proliferation, motility/migration and differentiation for many various applications.