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3D Hydrogel System

VitroGel® Xeno-free Functional Hydrogel System

Innovative 3D Cell Platform for Medicine, Cell Therapy and Drug Discovery

Closely mimicking the natural extracellular matrix (ECM) environment, this distinct system brings many advantages to bridge in vitro and in vivo studies through 3D cell culture and beyond.

The VitroGel® hydrogel system gives an outstanding balance of biological functions and operating ease to establish a robust 3D cell culture platform and injectable delivery system for drug discovery, tissue engineering, cell therapy, and personalized medicine. A xeno-free system is key for 3D cell culture in clinical applications. The cutting-edge hydrogel enables high-throughput performance to establish 3D organotypic models from both cell lines and patient-derived cells. Using the hydrogel system as an injectable delivery system, scientists can achieve better cell retention and higher cell viability for cell therapy.

Multiple Cell Culture Methods

Vitrogel Cell Culture Methods

VitroGel® Ready-to-use Hydrogels

Choose from different VitroGel® ready-to-use, xeno-free hydrogel versions with an optimized formulation of multi-functional ligands and concentration to support a wide range of cell types for different applications, including various 3D cell models, stem cell spheroid, and organoids. Each ready-to-use VitroGel® hydrogel can be mixed with the cell suspension directly. There is no additional adjustment required. 

We are happy to help you find the right VitroGel® version for your application, please contact us or use the VitroGel Hydrogel Suggestion Guide.


From simple 3D cell spheroids to comprehensive organoid and co-culture models to functional assays and in vivo studies, this powerful hydrogel system does it all.

Vitrogel Applications

Performance Comparison of VitroGel® 3D to other Cell Culture Methods

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Learn how to use the VitroGel® Systems with Demonstration Videos.

Tunable Hydrogels - VitroGel® High Concentration Kits

High concentration tunable hydrogels are useful for researchers wanting full control to manipulate the biophysical and biological properties of cell culture environment. They offer a set of building blocks to create a functional micro-environment that closely mimics the natural extracellular matrix (ECM) for cells to feel at home.

Mix & Match – 3D Cell Culture Your Way!

Unique to VitroGel® High Concentration Hydrogels, is the ability to tailor create a multi-functional hydrogel by blending different types of VitroGels. Using this flexible and powerful hydrogel system, scientists can customize their 3D culture micro-environment for different applications.

Cell Harvesting

VitroGel Organoid Recovery Solution is a non-enzymatic cell harvesting solution for quick and efficient recovery of organoids and cells. It is not limited to cell harvesting from our VitroGel® hydrogels but as a replacement for cell harvesting from animal-based ECM cultures. It is superior to other top leading cell recovery solutions on the market and can recover organoid/cells more quickly and efficiently. This solution is enzyme-free and room temperature stable, with a neutral pH. It can maintain high cell viability during the recovery process.

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Based on VitroGel Hydrogel several VitroGel® Cell Invasion Assay Kits where developed, allowing more accurate and consistent invasion and migration studies than animal-based ECM applications.