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Arbor Biosciences

Arbor Biosciences is a development and manufacturing company founded by scientists to serve their peers in molecular biology applications. Arbor Biosciences specializes in next generation sequencing (NGS) target enrichment and synthetic biology. Target enrichment via hybridization-based capture is one of the most powerful and versatile NGS tools available today.

myBaits - Targeted Sequencing Kits

myBaits Target Capture Kits from Arbor Biosciences provide pools of in-solution biotinylated RNA probes plus reagents for highly efficient, scalable targeted sequencing on any NGS platform, including Illumina, Ion Torrent, PacBio and Nanopore.

myNGS Guides – sgRNA Pools for CRISPR-powered NGS

myNGS Guides are guide RNA libraries of up to thousands of unique sequences, perfect for CRISPR/Cas-driven targeted sequencing, e.g. for depletion of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from ATAC-Seq libraries .

myTXTL - Cell-Free Protein Expression

myTXTL is a versatile and easy-to-use cell-free protein expression platform for protein synthesis and synthetic biology.

myTags – Custom Designed FISH Libraries

myTags are oligonucleotide probes for detection and visualization of complementary genomic targets in FISH and other applications.

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Arbor Biosciences