Arbor Biosciences (Daicel)

Driven by Discovery

Our partner Arbor Biosciences, being a part of Daicel Corporation, is a very passionate organization of scientists determined to develop, manufacture and deliver cost-effective, user-friendly products to researchers of genetics and synthetic biology.

Together with Arbor Biosciences (Daicel), BioCat provides exceptional customer service and timely technical support to new or advanced users of Arbor Biosciences' products and services. Collaborations with customers and research partners is a routinely used approach to develop new innovative solutions to address unique applications.


DNA & RNA Synthesis

Arbor Biosciences (Daicel) has developed a robust synthesis technology that enables manufacturing custom microarray slides and oligonucleotide libraries at very competitive costs. Their technology begins with the synthesis of DNA oligonucleotide libraries on microarray slides. These oligos can be cleaved from the substrate and then modified for countless downstream applications including targeted sequencing (myBaits – Hyb Capture Kits) and cytogenomics (myTags FISH Probes). Arbor Biosciences has combined the flexibility of digital photolithography to the robustness of the phosphoramidite oligonucleotide synthesis chemistry. This enables synthesis of up to 500,000 oligonucleotides on substrates the size of a microscope slide. Since our partner Arbor Biosciences utilizes a mask-less approach, their technology is extremely flexible, making it possible to offer custom synthesis for a wide variety of applications.


Synthetic Biology

Arbor Biosciences (Daicel) commercializes the E. coli-based cell-free transcription and translation (TXTL) technology developed in Dr. Vincent Noireaux’s lab at the University of Minnesota. Improving the robustness and stability of the myTXTL system allows them to deliver a consistently performing product for protein optimization or testing gene networks.

Arbor Biosciences (Daicel) continues to advance this technology by developing TXTL systems from new host organisms and optimizing essential components for maximum expression. Additionally, they have developed proprietary solutions for generating guide RNAs and long ssDNA homology-directed repair (HDR) templates utilized in CRISPR-mediated genome editing.

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