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Mutant Nucleosomes (OncoNucs)

Mutant Nucleosomes (OncoNucs)

Advancing cancer research with oncoNucs

  • Study effects of mutations on enzyme activity and chromatin reader binding
  • Use as substrates for drug / inhibitor testing and HTS
  • Physiological controls for characterizing chromatin interactions


Mutations in histone proteins occur in diverse cancer types but have been challenging to study in a physiological context. A recent large-scale study of more than 180 tumor types suggests that somatic histone mutations occur in 4% of cancers, highlighting novel epigenetic diversity that may be leveraged for future drug and biomarker development. EpiCypher’s Oncogenic Nucleosomes, or oncoNucs, are assembled using histones with cancer-associated mutations, providing highly relevant nucleosome substrates for cancer research.

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