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Recombinant Nucleosomes

Functionalized Recombinant Nucleosomes

For Drug Discovery and Chromatin Research

Our partner EpiCypher has developed the largest portfolio of fully defined and homogenous purified and recombinant nucleosomes on the market incorporating different histone modifications, site mutations and variants.

  • Low lot-to-lot variability and high purity
  • Physiologically relevant substrates in enzyme screening assays or for effector protein binding experiments
  • Free from DNA which could alter assayed conditions
  • Generated by NCL (Native Chemical Ligation) for in vitro biochemical assays with highest reliability

EpiCypher Nucleosomes - Physiological Substrates for Drug Target Discovery

Nuclesomes are the physiological target of readers, writers and erasers that interact with or modify chromatin. Proteins that write, read or erase ‘histone code’ are mutated in cancer and other diseases making them popular drug targets. The incorporation of nucleosome substrates into drug discovery assays is a dramatic improvement over peptides, providing access to historically challenging targets.

Recombinant Nucleosomes


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