Expression Vectors for in vitro Protein Synthesis

myTXTL® Toolbox 2.0 Plasmid Collection is an excellent source for designing gene circuits

The myTXTL Toolbox 2.0 Plasmid Collection was designed and intensively studied by Vincent Noireaux, PhD at the University of Minnesota and co-workers. It contains over one hundred plasmids with various promoters and open reading frames (ORFs) to investigate gene regulation and molecule turnover. Available open reading frames include a wide selection of transcription factors, TXTL modulators and fluorescent reporter proteins to build multi-stage gene circuits.

A gene circuit executed in any myTXTL® kit is required to start with a σ70-specific promoter, as gene expression in myTXTL® relies entirely on the endogenous TXTL machinery of E. coli. Its modular and pre-designed format makes it also ideal for educational purposes to train students and demonstrate basic concepts of synthetic biology.

Visit our Cell-free Protein Expression page to learn more about the myTXTL System.

Please note: The plasmid sample you receive upon ordering is intended for propagation purposes only. To make the plasmid suitable for in vitro expression in myTXTL, follow the recommended 2-step procedure to generate high-purity plasmid samples. For propagation of P70a-vector, please also read the Tech Note about “Preparation of chemo-competent KL740 cells for amplification of P70a vectors“.

Ready-to-use Plasmids for Protein Expression in myTXTL

Two plasmids are available in high purity, ready-to-use versions:

pTXTL-P70a-T7rnap HP

pTXTL-T7p14-deGFP HP