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myTXTL Cell-free Expression System

myTXTL - Cell-Free Expression

Flexible Solutions for Protein Engineering and Synthetic Biology Applications

  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Safe, GMO-free process
  • Exceptional protein synthesis efficiency
  • Highly consistent performance
  • Cutting-edge research
  • Student education

In cell-free protein expression systems, gene transcription (TX) and translation (TL) is unbound from constraints required for cell culture based processes. The myTXTL® systems utilizes the endogenous TX-TL machinery derived from E. coli where gene expression is initialized by simply adding a nucleotide template, DNA or RNA, to the master mix and detecting recombinant proteins after only a few minutes. Due to the lack of cell walls and the independency from cell growth and viability, cell-free systems allow rapid and parallel production of soluble or toxic proteins and other complex biological structures, like bacteriophages, under open-reaction conditions. This enables easy manipulation, addition of chaperone molecules and straightforward downstream processing of synthesized proteins, enzymes and phages.

myTXTL Workflow


Mytxtl Workflow

Gene Circuits

Arbor Biosciences offers a large collection of over one hundred pre-designed plasmids for setting up complex gene circuits with the myTXTL® Toolbox 2.0 Plasmid Collection.

Introduction to myTXTL Cell-free Protein Expression