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Targeted Protein Degradation

Targeted Protein Degradation

Piranha-System for Targeted Protein Degradation

SBI’s Piranha Targeted Protein Degradation System is based on the TRIM21 pathway found in most mammalian cells. Like TRIM21, the Piranha protein binds to conserved regions of an antibody, targeting the antibody—and the bound antigen—for degradation by the proteasome. 

Piranha Targeted Protein Degradation Fig 1

To use your newly-created Piranha-expressing cell line for targeted protein degradation, simply electroporate a validated antibody specific for the protein-of-interest into target cells, wait an appropriate amount of time, and then observe the phenotypic outcome. Because the rate of protein degradation is based upon many factors, we recommend performing initial experiments to empirically determine the degradation rate of your target protein and the optimal time for phenotypic observation.

Parts of the Piranha-System

  1. Piranha Electroporation-ready mRNA, see table below
  2. A ready-to-go Piranha Stable Cell Line for targeted protein degradation
  3. Ready-to-transduce Piranha Lentiviruses to create your own targeted protein degradation cell line, see table below