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Single Molecule Array (Simoa)

Single Molecule Array (Simoa) Technology

Single Molecule Protein Detection

Simoa is an ultrasensitive ELISA that uses antibody-coated beads, a fluorescently conjugated detection antibody, and digital readout. After the beads, sample, and detection antibody have been mixed together, the solution is applied to a cartridge with over 235,000 microwells. Each microwell can hold only one bead. Oil is then added to the cartridge, which pushes the sample across the surface of the microwell array and forms a liquid-tight seal of the wells.

The fluorescence of each well is measured using a fully or semi-automated system equipped with a fluorescent microscope. The instrument is manufactured by the developer of Simoa (Quanterix; Billerica, MA; USA). Quantitation of target protein concentration is based on the number of microwells with fluorescent signal and not the intensity of the fluorescent signal, making the readout a "digital" one. Since each well can contain only one bead, the number of microwells with fluorescence is proportional to the amount of target protein in the sample. This approach enables quantitative, ultrasensitive single molecule detection.

Ultrasensitive Antibody Pair Kits

BioCat offers RayBio® ready-made bead-conjugated antibody pair kits that supply essential components for the application of Single Molecule Array (Simoa) quantitative protein detection. They can be used in a wide range of biological samples such as cell culture media, serum, and plasma. The kits are for research use only - not for clinical diagnoses.

Check out our list of available antibody pair kits below. If you don’t see the target you’re looking for please contact us. There are thousands of ELISA antibodies available from RayBio which can be converted to the ultrasensitive Single Molecule Detection format. 

Single Molecule Array (Simoa) Testing Service

If you don't have access to a Simoa® (Quanterix™) single molecule protein detection platform yourself take advantage of RayBio's Simoa® Testing Service to achieve orders of magnitude more sensitivity than standard sandwich-based immunoassay techniques, detecting as little as femtogram (fg/mL) concentrations, while consuming as little as 1 µl of sample. This ultrasensitive detection capability enables the detection and quantification of biomarkers at concentrations that have previously been difficult or impossible to measure.