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Single Cell RNA Sequencing

Single Cell RNA Sequencing (scRNA-seq) enables unprecedented insight into the biology of individual cells and tissue complexity across a broad range of discovery and disease areas

Single Cell RNA Sequencing (scRNA-seq) is an essential technology in the biological sciences because it reveals how the properties of tissues arise from the transcriptional states of numerous interacting cells. Defining the gene expression signatures of individual cells allows cell-type classification, the discovery of unique cell states during development and disease and the prediction of regulatory mechanisms that control these states.


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To facilitate single cell analysis, BioCat offers comprehensive tools for the complete single cell RNA sequencing workflow including


Cell Preparation using the Precellys Evolution Touch Sample Homogenizer

The Precellys Evolution Touch Sample Homogenizer is a homogenizer suitable for all types of sample preparation requirements. Please contact us for more information on how to use it to grind tissue and prepare cells for single cell analysis applications.


Cell Counting using the LUNA-FX7 Automated Cell Counter

The LUNA-FX7 is the latest, most powerful member of the LUNA cell counter family to date. It offers unmatched cell counting accuracy, a maximum counting volume of 5.1 µL (10 times that of conventional cell counters), all new optics, dual fluorescence and brightfield illumination, a fast and precise autofocus, and multichannel pipette-ready 8-channel slides to count up to eight samples simultaneously. 

For single cell sequencing applications, the accurate and reliable assessment of both quantity and quality of cells and isolated nuclei is key.
In the application note below it is demonstrated how the LUNA-FX7 Automated Cell Counter not only provides accurate counts for many diverse sample types but also is suitable for the validation of sample quality.

Application Note: Automated Cell Evaluation for Single Cell RNA-seq Analysis


Single Cell RNA Sequencing using PIPseq Technology

PIPseq Technology relies on Particle-Templated Instant Partitions (PIPs) to simultaneously segregate complex cell mixtures into partitions with barcoded template particles that can be easily processed for single cell applications such as single cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-Seq). This approach (PIPseq) eliminates the need for complex, expensive instrumentation and microfluidic consumables.

  • Easy to implement, no complex instrumentation or consumables
  • Highest cell capture rate in the market (up to 80%)
  • Conveniently and quickly process cells and capture RNA at point of collection
  • < 10 min of hands-on time until first stable stopping point
  • User-friendly PIPseeker software for downstream analysis


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NGS Library Depletion using the DepleteX Single Cell RNA Boost Kit

DepleteX removes abundant and uninformative fragments before sequencing, redistributing 50% sequencing clusters to informative reads that normally would be filtered out prior to secondary analysis.  The DepleteX Single Cell RNA Boost Kit leverages Cas9 depletion with an optimized guide set to remove ribosomal and mitochondrial mRNA, non-transcriptomic reads, and highly expressed non-variable genes.  This kit includes a separate tube for non-variable gene depletion content that can be included or excluded as needed.

The DepleteX Single Cell RNA Boost Kit gives you the ability to cut through the noise and maximize usable data in your single cell RNA sequencing.

  • ~50% boost in reads useful for secondary analysis
  • Validated for both short and long read sequencing
  • Depletes ribosomal, mitochondrial, non-transcriptomic reads, and non-variable genes (optional) from single cell libraries
  • Simple 3 step protocol


100% Increase in Reads mapped to the Transcriptome with the DepleteX Single Cell RNA Boost Kit


Depletex Depletion