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Array Testing Services

Array Testing Services

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RayBiotech Service Department offers full testing services for all of their array kits including custom arrays, quantitative, and semi-quantitative platforms. The complete range of arrays are manufactured by them. With a team of highly experienced scientists in a GLP-compliant laboratory, RayBiotech’s service department provides you with data of the highest accuracy and reproducibility. 

Available Array Types

Antibody Arrays

  • Quantitative, Sandwich-based Glass Slide Arrays (Quantibody®) for simultaneous quantitative measurement of multiple cytokines and other proteins
  • Semi-quantitative, Sandwich-based Arrays (Membrane-based or Glass-based) for screening and comparing expression levels of proteins
  • Semi-quantitative, Label-based High-density Arrays provide a broad panoramic view of protein expression
  • RayPlex™ Quantitative Bead Arrays for multiplex protein detection in a wide variety of sample types with flow cytometry

Protein Arrays

  • Protein Arrays featuring cytokines, allergens, cancer related proteins and more for profiling of serological antibodies and protein-protein interactions

Glycobiology Arrays

  • Glycobiology Arrays for detection of binding partners of glycans, glycosylation protein profiles and glycan profiles using lectins

If you prefer performing an antibody array yourselve but don't have access to a compatible laser scanner, RayBiotech offers free slide scanning services for all glass slide antibody arrays. Only shipping charges apply.