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Custom sgRNA Cloning

Custom sgRNA Cloning Services

CRISPR sgRNA constructs designed and prepared for your needs

Knockout, knockdown, or activation of your target gene with CRISPR, CRISPRi, or CRISPRa sgRNA lentiviral constructs.

  • Flexible design services for sgRNA targeting your desired genes, isoforms, or regulatory elements
  • Get lentiviral plasmids and pre-packaged lentiviral particles
  • A range of vector designs, including sgRNA-only, sgRNA-Cas9, dual-sgRNA, inducible sgRNA vectors
  • Non-targeting, non-specific, and other control guides avalable in any vector backbone

Choose between two different CRISPR-Cas9 systems

  1. Two-Vector CRISPR System  utilizing an sgRNA expressing construct (CVCRC-PX-CT or CVCR2C-PX-CT with Dual sgRNA) together with a Cas9 Expression Construct.
  2. Single-Vector CRISPR System with an sgRNA-Cas9 construct expressing both the Cas9 gene and your sgRNA.

Custom Lentiviral Packaging Service is available for Cas9 constructs and non-Cas9 constructs.