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For the production of lentiviral particles, three components are generally required: 1) a lentiviral vector containing your inserts of interest (cDNA, shRNA, miRNA, sgRNA), 2) one or two packaging vectors which contain all necessary viral structure proteins, 3) an envelope vector expressing Vesicular Stomatitis Virus (VSV) glycoprotein (G). In general, lentiviral vectors with a wildtype 5´ LTR need the 2nd generation packaging system because these vectors require TAT for activation. However, the 2nd generation packaging mix will also support the production of 3rd lentiviral expression vector with a chimeric 5´ LTR (like all the lentiviral expression vectors by ABM which are 3rd generation with a chimeric of RSV promoter upstream of 5´-LTR).

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