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Expanding biomarker research capabilities

Accelerate and enhance your biomarker discovery and characterization studies with the XCF™ COMPLETE Exosome & cfDNA Isolation Kit. This unique, two-in-one product delivers simultaneous isolation of cell free DNA (cfDNA) and exosomal DNA from the same sample, streamlining sample processing and reducing the workload of separately isolating DNA from multiple sources. In addition, the isolated exosomes can also be analyzed for protein, lipid, miRNA, and metabolite content, efficiently broadening your biomarker discovery capabilities and enabling correlation and co-analysis of cfDNA biomarkers with exosomal biomarkers.

With the growing recognition that circulating, cfDNA can provide critical information on diseases that are normally difficult to detect with standard approaches—including cancer and neurological disorders—the interest in liquid biopsy methods for biomarker discovery and disease research is on the rise. However, in addition to cfDNA, exosomes are also a rich source of biomarkers that are amenable to the straightforward liquid biopsy approach.

• Unique - only kit in the marketplace with sequential exosome and cfDNA isolation
• Comprehensive - with a single kit you can obtain two distinct sources of biomarkers from a single serum or plasma sample
• Time-saving - requires less than thirty minutes of hands-on time
• Fully compatible - isolated DNA is compatible with downstream applications, such as qPCR and NGS
• Clean - minimal carryover of co-precipitating proteins, such as albumin and IgG, for good performance in sensitive downstream applications

Figure 1. Accelerate your biomarker research with simultaneous isolation of exosomal DNA and cfDNA. Note that other types of exosome-derived proteins, miRNA, lipids, and more can be analyzed as well.

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