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Quantity: 12 tubes
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Supplier: Norgen
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This kit is highly suited for the collection and preservation of fecal material from mouse, hamster, chinchilla, rabbit and more for microbiome studies and other applications.

• No need to immediately process samples
• Pre-loaded beads for effective sample homogenization by bead beating
• Tubes are fully compatible with commercially available bead beating systems
• DNA preservation at room temperature over 27 months
• Ship fecal samples at room temperature safely
• Compatible with most DNA isolation methods


Norgen’s Fecal DNA Collection & Preservation Mini Tubes are designed for the rapid preservation of DNA from fresh fecal specimens. These tubes contain Norgen’s Fecal DNA Preservative in a liquid format. Moreover, each collection tube is preloaded with beads for effective sample homogenization in any commercially available bead beater equipment (e.g. MP Biomedicals’ FastPrep®-24). The user simply collects fecal samples into the tubes and mixes by shaking or vortexing until the feces is mixed well with preservative.

Figure 1. Collection of Mouse Fecal Samples in Norgen´s Fecal DNA Collection and Preservation Mini Tubes. Approximately 30 mg (3-5 droppings) of mouse fecal samples were added to Norgens Fecal Collection and Preservation Mini Tubes and briefly vortexed. The preserved samples are ready to ship, or for isolation of DNA using compatible DNA isolation kits.

The preservative prevents the growth of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria and fungi, and also inactivates viruses allowing the resulting non-infectious samples to be handled and shipped safely. In addition, the preservative eliminates the need to immediately process or freeze samples and allows the samples to be shipped to centralized testing facilities at ambient temperatures. The components of the preservative allow the DNA in the samples to be preserved at room temperature for over 27 months.

DNA Isolation from Preservative

Fecal samples collected and preserved in Norgen’s Fecal DNA Collection and Preservation Mini Tubes are compatible with most fecal DNA isolation methods. Samples stored in the tubes have been used successfully with all of Norgen Biotek’s stool-based DNA isolation kits (please refer to Related Products table) and reagents.

Figure 2. Resolution of DNA Isolated from 200 µl Preserved Mouse Fecal Samples using Norgens Stool DNA Isolation Kit (Cat. 27600). Briefly, 4-5 drops (<30 mg) of mouse fecal samples were collected using Norgen´s Fecal DNA Collection and Preservation Mini Tubes (Cat. 27650). Stool DNA was isolated from the preserved samples using Norgen´s Stool DNA Isolation Kit. For evaluation, 10 µl of each 50 µl elution were run on 1X TAE 1.2% agarose gel. Marker = Norgens HighRanger DNA Ladder.

Figure 3. Quality of Mouse Fecal DNA was Evaluated by 16s rDNA Amplification using Real-Time PCR. Two mouse fecal samples (red and blue) were collected and preserved using Norgens Fecal DNA Collection and Preservation Mini Tubes, and then 3 µl of DNA was used in 20 µl PCR reaction to detect 16s rDNA. No PCR inhibition was observed, indicating the high quality of DNA from mouse fecal samples for use in downstream applications.

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