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• RNA stabilization in many sample types - cultured cells, animal tissue, bacteria &
fungi, soil, stool and plants
• Immediate inactivation of RNases
• Convenient handling at room temperature
• RNA quality and integrity maintained
• No need for freezing
• Compatible with RNA extraction kits incl. Norgen RNA Purification Kits, see below

Norgen’s RNA Preserve is a non-toxic liquid that stabilizes and protects cellular RNA in various samples including animal tissue, bacteria, soil, stool and plant. RNA Preserve is designed to stabilize total RNA for 2 days up to several weeks at room temperature depending on the sample type. RNA Preserve is added to the sample, and then the sample can be shipped safely or stored at room temperature without significant RNA degradation. Norgen’s RNA Preserve is compatible with Norgen’s RNA purification kits, providing high quality and integrity true total RNA for many downstream applications including RT-PCR and NGS.

Plant RNA Stability after 2 Days Incubation at Room Temperature using Norgen´s RNA Preserve. Six leaf disks (0.7 cm diameter) were stored at different storage conditions (in Norgen´s RNA Preserve, not preserved and stored at room temperature or at -70°C) for 2 days and total RNA was then purified using Norgens Plant/Fungi Total RNA Purification Kit (Cat. 25800-NB). The purified RNA was loaded onto a Nano RNA chip and analyzed in 2100 Expert (v. B.02.08.SI648, Agilent Technology). The RNA preserved in Norgen´s RNA Preserve shows a similar RNA profile with the frozen method, indicating no changes in RNA stability at room temperature for 2 days with Norgen´s RNA Preserve, while the not preserved samples start showing signs of degradation after 2 days (red box and arrow).

Soil RNA Preservation up to 2 weeks at Room Temperature using Norgen´s RNA Preserve. Freshly collected (200 mg of clay) was mixed with 400 µL of three different RNA preservatives (Norgens RNA Preserve, Competitor A and Competitor B). Samples were then stored at room temperature for 2 weeks. Prior to RNA purification, the RNA preservative was removed by a short centrifugation step (5,000 rpm for 3 minutes). Next, RNA was purified from each sample using Norgens Soil Total RNA Purification Kit (Cat. 27750-NB). Purified total soil RNA was visualized on 1x MOPS RNA gel. Result indicated that Norgen´s RNA Preserve could maintain the integrity of Soil RNA for 2 weeks of storage at room temperature.

Sample Type Recommended Norgen RNA Purification Kit
Animal Tissue Total RNA Purification Kit
Cultured Cells Total RNA Purification Kit
Stool Stool Total RNA Purification Kit
Soil Soil Total RNA Purification Kit
Bacteria & Fungi Total RNA Purification Kit
Plant Plant/Fungi Total RNA Purification Kit

Other RNA extraction kits as well as phenol/chloroform-based RNA purification products such as TRIZOL (or TRI Reagent) are also compatible with RNA Preserve.

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