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Your Reliable Sanger Sequencing Reagents Partner

BioCat’s partner AdvancedSeq specializes in developing high-performance and cost-effective reagents for Sanger sequencing.

Dideoxy chain termination Sanger sequencing has been used in the past 40 years as a gold standard for gene mutation analysis, de novo sequencing, resequencing, confirmation of next generation sequencing (NGS), and gap filling for NGS. As a mature technology, Sanger sequencing will continue to play an important role in the DNA sequencing field.

The AdvancedSeq team has built a complete Sanger sequencing product line to serve the increasing need of the global genomics community. This includes a whole set of reagents that can be independently used as alternatives to the BigDye chemistry for Sanger sequencing. AdvancedSeq's flagship products, SupreDye Cycle Sequencing Kits and PwrPOP Polymers, have been adopted by the sequencing labs worldwide.