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Cycle Sequencing Kits

ADS™ SupreDye™ Cycle Sequencing Kits

The ADS™ SupreDye™ Cycle Sequencing Kits are a powerful and highly economic alternative to BigDye® Terminator v1.1 or v3.1 Cycling Sequencing Kits with proven performance.  These kits are formulated to deliver increased robustness, even peak heights, and long read lengths. They include kits for regular templates and high-GC templates.

The sequencing reaction step is critical for achieving the best sequencing results. Besides the combination of primers and templates, which differ from reaction to reaction, the rest of the sequencing components or sequencing reagents play an important role in achieving the best results. High-quality sequencing reagents, such as ADS™ SupreDye™ Cycle Sequencing Kits, generate strong and uniform sequencing signals, allowing accurate sequence reading of  >800 or even  >900 base pairs.