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Transcriptome Profiling

Transcriptome Profiling

Tools for the analysis and discrimination of gene expression and phenotype variations in individual cells and cell sub-populations

DriverMap Targeted Expression Profiling (EXP)

DriverMap Targeted Expression Profiling enables targeted multiplex PCR amplification and next-generation profiling to measure the expression levels of up to 19,000 human protein-coding genes in a single assay.

DriverMap Adaptive Immune Receptor (AIR) Profiling

DriverMap Adaptive Immune Receptor (AIR) Profiling is the only assay technology on the market that profiles the CDR3 repertoire of all T-cell receptor (TCR) - TRA, TRB, TRG and TRD - and B-cell receptor (BCR) - IGH, IGK and IKL - chains in an single-tube, single-day assay using multiplex PCR-NGS technology without the need of any additional specialized equipment.