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Hi-C Genome Assembly

Arima-HiC Genome Assembly

Hi-C for De Novo Genome Assembly Studies - Using long-range information to transform contigs into chromosomes

Generating a high-quality genome assembly is a critical starting point towards understanding the biology of an organism. Assembly approaches are shifting from the lower contiguity methods using solely Illumina shotgun sequencing to approaches incorporating long-range sequence information to enable a more contiguous and comprehensive genome assembly. 

The Arima-HiC High Coverage Kit is a highly simplified and robust protocol that streamlines Hi-C to a 6-hour workflow, followed by library prep and next-generation sequencing. The Arima-HiC High Coverage Kit empowers researchers to leverage Hi-C technology to detect and correct misjoin errors in draft assemblies, assign contigs to chromosomes de novo, and order and orient contigs into chromosome-scale scaffolds.